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Grinding wheel for gravure printing cylinders

Available for pre-finishing, semi-finishing and final finishing processes. We use a unique method utilizing acrylic resin and melamine resin to increase durability and hardness. We can arrange special shapes for customers' particular needs.

What's gravure printing?
Gravure printing is a printing method that can express a detailed shade through intaglio printing. A grinding wheel in gravure printing is used during the plate falling process to prepare a copper plating surface, and roughness through a vertical grinder.
Next, the polishing process is performed by a PVA grinding wheel to polish, with different types of grinding wheels being used.
It is a very important process, because it has a great impact on quality in gravure printing. After the process is finished, individual plate making and chrome plating is performed. Calibration printing is the final step.

Schematic view of gravure printing process
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