Searching from applications: Characteristic of SiC

For lapping and slicing

SiC is widely used for not only lapping, blasting and beveling of crystal quartz, sapphire and others, but also for slicing by wire saw and band saw.
We are conducting research on scratch formation and its mechanism to help boost customers' productivity. We also adjust particle size distribution and make different types of particles to meet customers' needs.

For lapping
SiC is mixed with water or some lapping coolants for use. We can adjust particle size distribution to meet customers' needs to provide a good grinding force, stable lapping rate and scratch resistance. The grit size we recommend is JIS#2000-JIS#4000.

For slicing by wire saw machine
SiC is mixed with oil-based or water-based coolants for use. The grit size depends on the kind of slicing work and size. A wire saw provides higher precision cutting and lower kerf loss compared to a band saw.

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