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Characteristic of SiC

Silicon carbide is a ceramic material with an outstanding heat resistance of 1600°C and exceptional hardness, second only to diamond and boron carbide. In recent years, its high heat radiation is newly attracting attention. Silicon carbide has become a material needed in a wide range of applications and industries.

For refractory and ceramic structural materials

Traditionally, it is used for refractory materials. Recently, it is an ideal radiating filler material, abrasion-resistant element and ceramic material.
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For lapping and slicing

Widely used for lapping, wire sawing, band sawing, blasting and barreling.
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As a highly thermal-conductive filler and radiating filler material

Used to take advantage of the high thermal conductivity in mixing with resin and grease. We are also conducting research on its surface modification.
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For PVA Grinding Wheel

This is a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)-based porous elastic grinding wheel. We have been establishing a solid position in the field of gravure platemaking. We’ve also begun to provide custom-made grinding wheels in accordance with customer needs.

Grinding wheel for gravure printing cylinders

We have several types of PVA grinding wheels and can arrange special shapes for customers' particular needs.
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For mirror surface finishing

Developed for replacing the buff polishing in gravure printing cylinders. Other applications, including polishing requiring a high-precision surface finish, are also expected.
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For finishing on non-ferrous metals

In recent years, precise finishing performance is required on PVA grinding wheels. We strive to deliver the best customer service and expand our range of PVA grinding products.
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