PVA Grinding Wheel

PVA grinding stone SD-R Series

It is a elastic grinding stone with the polyvinyl alcohol-based form. PVA grinding stone is especially used for mirror surface polishing work of soft metallic such as copper, aluminum and brass.

It is a famous product for gravure platemaking for a long time. The main purpose is doing finishing work after the copper plating. In addition to traditional round types, we have developed wheels in other special shapes, designed to minimize the grinding marks that can be transferred to the prints when using traditional wheels.
(Application has been filed for design registration.)

  • KP Series (Phenol)
    KP Series is suitable for more fine polishing work and can get a high-precision surface finishing, and it has become the mainstream in current years.
  • BR Series (Melamine)
    This product has a large proportion of cutting force.
    It is mainly suitable for the base polishing, including after copper plating and aluminum cylinder, and also can improve the work efficiency.
  • AR Series (Acrylic)
    AR Series has a stable quality and can be used for a wide range of applications.
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