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Quality Control

All employees make a concerted effort together
to maintain and control quality that meets
the high level of customer demand.

Shinano Electric Refining sets
"All members of the company make a concerted effort together to administer the quality control management system and to continuously provide products that will meet customer demand for improved customer satisfaction and development of the company."
To achieve our basic policy and purpose of exceptional quality control, the following procedures have been implemented:

  1. The manager of each department implements necessary measures to maintain and control the appropriate administration of the quality control management system.
  2. The quality control management system shall be regularly audited or checked by other measures and reviewed by top management to assure the effectiveness thereof.
  3. The manager of each department respectively sets targets based on the policy of quality as well as the management policy, etc., and keeps all members informed to the fullest extent, and implements them. Moreover, the status of accomplishment shall be checked and reviewed by management.
  4. All members cooperate and strive to accomplish the above mentioned matters.
Obtained ISO 9001
Obtained ISO 9001