About Us

Approach to environmental conservation

We believe that the company can develop only in
coexistence with a prosperous environment.

We operate primarily with environmental and safety precautions in all aspects of our business to conserve the local and global environment.
This is a duty that we impose on ourselves.
Shin-Etsu Chemical Group makes environmental and safety concerns primary in all aspects of business with the basic philosophy of "human dignity".
We set the code of conduct and endeavor to accomplish this through awareness of our mission to conserve our rich nature and to hand it down to posterity while developing as a company that gives consideration to workers and the global environment, finding the way to co-prosperity and co-existence.

    Code of conduct
  1. We establish a policy for the control of chemicals, energy saving, resource saving, recycling and reduction of wastes with an understanding of the environmental effect from corporate activity and with an aim for continuous improvement.
  2. We seek to co-exist with the community and prevent contamination in compliance with laws and regulations related to the environment and safety.
  3. We address widespread activities for environmental conservation and safety control to raise the awareness of all employees regarding these environmental conservation and safety controls while looking towards the local and global environment.