About Us

Interaction with Communities

As a company based in Shinano-machi,
Always for the community, with people there.

Shinano Electric Refining seeks to continually contribute to the community. The company has its roots in Shinano-machi, Kamiminochi-gun with a view of Mt. Kurohime and Mt. Myoko in northern Nagano. We operate under the principle of harmonizing and interacting with people in the community and with nature, with an emphasis on natural conservation and environmental beautification.

Cleaning Kurohime Station

Cleaning of the passage at Kurohime Station

We work to clean Kurohime Station's
interior twice a year, in spring and autumn.

Movement for environmental

Movement for environmental beautification of town

In an effort to beautify the environment,
we carry out cleaning activities in our town,
including picking up trash and mowing
the grass around the factory.

Maintenance of roadside flower beds

Maintenance of roadside flower beds

Flower planting through
the cooperation of Shinano-machi Hidamari
Center (welfare facility) staff.

Other social contribution activities

Donation to welfare facility, Shinano-machi Hidamari Center
In collaboration with Shinano-machi, we provide donations to provide workplace and community exchange and enhance the fulfillment and development of disabled people's welfare.
Regional firefighting activity support
We provide an employee parking lot as a training place for the fire brigade and support regional firefighting activities.
Eco-cap bottlecap charity movement
We participate in eco-cap bottlecap collecting activities of Shinano-machi to provide vaccinations for children in developing countries.
Recycling of used Tepra cartridges
We participate in a recycling campaign for used King Jim Tepra cartridges, promoting recycling through reuse and waste reduction.
Blood donation drive of Nagano Prefecture Red Cross Blood Center
Every year, a blood donor car from the Nagano Prefecture Red Cross Blood Center comes to our company for blood donations.
Irrigation canal repair work
Since we use water as an industrial company, we make efforts to financially support renovation work in rural disaster control development projects.