Searching from applications: Characteristics of SiC

For polishing and grinding materials

  • Lapping
  • Blasting and beveling
  • Wire saw

Abrasives for crystal, quartz, and sapphire and others, and also can be used for grinding such as wire saw, band saw, blasting and beveling. We have been thinking of the mechanism occurring the scratches by polishing, providing the materials and we are aiming to do our best support efforts to improve productivity of our customs. Also, we adjust the particle size and accept the order for making different grinding particle in accordance with customers' needs.

Grinding stone for lapping
These products are used with water or some other lapping liquid. We adjust the particle sizes and shapes by customer's needs. It is mainly used for grinding material which has good cutting force, stable and hard to get scratches. The particle size which we recommend is #2000~#4000.

Wire saw related grinding wheel
These products are used with grinding materials and cutting oil. The differs of particle size is depending on the cutting works and size. The wire saw has higher cutting accuracy and having a reduced loss than the band saw.

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