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Characteristics of SiC

Silicon carbide is a ceramic material with an outstanding hardness, only surpassed by diamond and boron carbide. It has highly heat resistant and stable up to temperatures near 1,600 °C. In recent years, much attentions focused on its exothermicity. Silicon carbide can also be used on refractory materials, wire saw, and becomes in wide rage of applications in semiconductor and thermal conduction.

For refractory and ceramic materials

Traditionally, Silicon Carbide was used for refractory materials. Recently, because it's an ideal material for erosion and wear, and low coefficient, it also can be used for DPF(Diesel particulate filter), mechanical seal running components and semiconductor wafer, etc
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For grinding

Abrasives for sapphire substrate, lapping, wire saw(semiconductor silicon, photovoltaic silicon, crystal, quartz, and etc.), blasting and barreling.
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For high thermal conductive filler and exothermic material

Silicon Carbide can also be used with resin, grease and other materials. The aim is to improve the performance of exothermicity, filling fraction and wear resistance. We have been developing the modifying of surface as per customers' spec.

For PVA Grinding Wheel

This is a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)-based porous elastic grinding wheel which has good hydrophilicity. The open-cell foam can control and prevent the occurrence of a damage while polishing effectively. For years, our customers have been using these products for grinding gravure printing cylinders. For providing a excellent effect in polishing, we have been trying to think about the spread of its range of use, which is better than paper finishing and buffing.

For Grinding Gravure Printing Cylinders

Silicon Carbide is available in pre-finishing, semi-finishing and final finishing process. We use the unique method from acrylic resin and melamine resin, to make the products more wear and harder. We also provide other special shapes for custom's particular needs.
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For Mirror Surface Finishing

The object is to displace buffing for the mirror finish polishing. We developed the product for grinding gravure printing cylinders, in addition, it also can be used in applications of other materials.
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For Finishing on Nonferrous Metals

We have been pursuing to improve the accuracy of surface by cylindrical grinding and surface grinding. We develop and provide the custom-made products for some particular custom's needs.
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