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Grinding wheel for gravure printing cylinder roll

  • For coarse polishing
  • For semi-finishing and final finishing process
  • Acrylic resin coating film
  • Melamine resin coating film
  • Deformed shape product

Silicon Carbide is available in pre-finishing, semi-finishing and final finishing process. We use the unique method from acrylic resin and melamine resin, to make the products more wear and harder. We also provide other special shapes for custom's particular needs.

What's gravure printing?
Gravure printing is one kind of the printing method which can express a detailed shade by intaglio printing. That polish whetstone is first used at the process of gravure printing are maintenance and the screening version process of cylinder roll of having used the vertical grinder, and its used in order to prepare the coarseness of thickness and the surface on the surface of copper.
Next, it becomes polish whetstone process of preparing surface coarseness, and grinds gradually combining a different whetstone.
A whetstone polish process is in charge of very important positioning for the process of becoming a base of the version in gravure printing.
After this polish finishes, it goes into each platemaking and chrome plating is given after that and also surface lapping will be performed. Plate making roll will be finished, and version going up will be seen by proofreading printing.

Schematic view of gravure printing process
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