Ultrafine Silicon carbide powder

Fine polishing powder (SHINANO-RUNDUM CP/GP)

This is high-grade abrasive powder produced by extracting only crystals refined from Black Silicon Carbide (hereinafter called CP) ingots and Green Silicon Carbide (hereinafter called GP) as well as through processes of crushing, grain refining, chemical processing, classification, filtration, and drying. Various sizes from #240 to #8000 are produced in accordance with customers' needs.

The production process of SHINANO-RUNDUM


  • Silicon semiconductor, silicon solar battery, crystal,
    quartz and wire-saw cutting, etc.
  • Polishing of ceramic, crystal, quartz, glass, etc.
  • Blasting
  • Barreling
  • Vitrified grinding stone, resinoid grinding stone and PVA grinding stone
  • For abrasive paper and cloth
  • Ceramics
  • Ceramic metal composite
  • Plating material
  • Coating material
  • High thermal conductive resin filler
  • Sintering material
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