PVA Grinding Wheel

PVA Customized Grinding Wheel

For finishing on non-ferrous metals

From our experience providing PVA grinding wheels for gravure copper platemaking, we have started to provide them for other finishing work, including aluminum, stainless steel and titanium—all of which are non-ferrous metals. We are also trying to provide it for finishing resin work, which is softer and sensitive to heat.

What's PVA Grinding Wheel
A polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)-based porous elastic grinding wheel is flexible and resistant to scratching while polishing. It is more suitable for fine finishing and mirror surface polishing compared with vitrified grinding wheels and resinoid grinding wheels.

Characteristic of PVA grinding wheel

  • Flexible and interconnected hollow structure.
  • Reduced heat generation and clog-resistance with a regenerating function.
  • High precision and a smooth finishing surface.

To surpass existing PVA grinding wheel
PVA grinding wheel consists of SiC abrasive grain, PVA binder and pores. As we are a SiC abrasive manufacturer with a long-running and close relationship with PVA binder makers, we can take advantage of this to control these qualities strictly. We also remain flexible to deliver the best customer service and expand into a new range of PVA grinding products.

Hardness/Particle size/Size
PVA grinding wheel (SD-R)

Cylindrical grinding, Centerless grinding, Surface grinding, Internal grinding, Lapping
Working objects:
Copper, Aluminum, Stainless steel, Brass, Titanium, Silver, Nickel, Plastic resin, etc.

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