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For Finishing on Nonferrous Metals

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We have perennial experience providing the copper polished roll products in the field of gravure printing, so we start providing the grinding wheel for finishing of aluminum, stainless, all of which are the nonferrous metals. Further, we are also have been trying to provide some the products for resin which are soft and sensitive to heat.

What's PVA Grinding Wheel
This is a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)-based porous elastic grinding wheel. This grinding wheel is flexible and hard to get scratch while polishing works. Therefore, it's suitable for needs in fine finishing and mirror surface polishing compare with vitrified grinding stone and resinoid grinding wheel, etc.

Characteristic of PVA grinding stone

  • Flexible and open cell structure.
  • Reduced heat, have a autogenous effect and hard to get clogging.
  • Have a high precision and smooth finishing surface.

To preeminent above all existing PVA grinding stone
The grinding stone is consisting of abrasive grain, form and binder. We are the company which is using silicon carbide as a grinding grain. So we always make the most of controlling the quality of grinding grain. Further,we place more importance on cutting and the precision of surface finishing, so we have been trying to provide the products by the strictly control of all elements.

Hardness/Particle size/Size
PVA grinding wheel (SD-R)

Cylinder grinding plate grinding, centerless grinding, lapping works
Grinding Materials:
Copper, aluminum, stainless copper, Chromium plating, rubber and plastic resin, etc.

As the industry becomes more diversified, It becomes increasingly necessary on the high quality. We have been trying to provide the high quality and performance products Please feel free to contact us.

* For more information about the finishing of nonferrous metals, Pleas feel free to contact us.

Please feel free to contact us.