Ultrafine Silicon carbide powder

Ultrafine Powder SER/SER-A Series

The “SER/SER-A Series” is a line of ultrafine powder consisting of a green silicon carbide. Products are grouped according to purity, into the SER Series and SER-A Series. The products come in a range of grain sizes and purity grades, so users can select the right one for their particular application.


  • Raw material for sintered parts
    Be used as a fine ceramic raw material that are used for filter and heating element, etc.
  • High purity raw material for sintered parts
    Be used as a high purity fine ceramic raw material for semiconductor manufacturing equipment, etc.
  • Refractoriness, abrasion resistant, high thermal conductive resin filler
    Silicon carbide is heat resistant and high thermal conductivity, which is being focused as a material for composites (filler).
  • Coating, composite plating material
    Be used as a composite plating material with high heat resistance and abrasion resistance of car part and aero plane, etc.
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