Ultrafine Silicon carbide powder

Globular SiC

This product is developed as a heat radiating material. We are looking forward to the high thermal conductivity from the high filling and fluidity.


  • Composite material for heat radiation sheet (Filler material)
    It is attracting attention to its high thermal conductivity and also be expecting to be used for heat radiation, which the high thermal conductivity is 240W/m·k.
  • Raw material for sintered parts
    Be used as raw material for fine ceramic that is used to filter etc.
  • Refractoriness, wear resistance, high thermal conductive resin filler
    Silicon carbide has good heat resistance and high thermal conductivity, which is looked at as a composite material (filler).
  • Coating, composite plating material
    It used for a composite plating material with high heat resistance and abrasion resistance such as a car part and an aero plane, etc.
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